How to send search data from Google Tag Manager to Google Analytics

There are currently two ways of adding Cludo search data to Google Analytics. This article will describe how to connect Google Tag Manager to Google Analytics, to allow Cludo search data in Google Tag Manager to parse on to Google Analytics. When needed, the Cludo search data can also be sent directly to Google Analytics, without using Google Tag Manager. See THIS ARTICLE for more info.

The following steps requires Cludo search data to have been correctly setup in Google Tag Manager. Make sure to complete THIS HOW TO ARTICLE first.

Set up the custom event

  • Log into Google Tag Manager.
  • In the left menu, select the Tag option.
  • Under Tag, click the New button.
    • Type a new name for the tag in the Untitled Tag field.
    • Under Tag Configuration, Click Choose a Tag type to begin setup….
    • Under Featured, select Google Analytics: GA4 Event.
    • Enter the Google Analytics ID or a Google Analytics tag in the Configuration Tag field. (G-1234)
    • Enter “view_search_results” in the Event name field.
    • Add one Event Parameter for each custom definition in Google Analytics:
      • Under Event Parameters, click the Add Row button.
      • Enter the parameter name for Google Analytics in the Parameter Name field.
      • Select the matching variable in the Value field.
    • Under Triggering, Click Choose a trigger type to begin setup….
      • Select the custom event which was created in the last section.
      • Click on Submit Button.
    • Click the Save button.
The custom event in Google Tag Manager to send data to Google Analytics.

Once these steps are complete, Google Tag Manager will properly pass search events from Cludo to the Google Analytics account. It is possible to test the configuration by reviewing search events in Google Tag Manager DebugView.

How to set up a custom definition

  • Log into Google Analytics.
  • In the left side panel, click the Admin menu.
  • In the Property list, select the Custom definitions option.
  • Create as many custom definitions as needed:
    • Click the Create custom dimensions button.
    • Enter a descriptive name in the Dimension name field.
    • Ensure the Scope drop down is set to “Event”.
    • Optional: Enter a description in the Description field.
    • Enter the Cludo parameter in the Event Parameter field.
    • Click the Save button.
Google Analytics with 5 Cludo related custom definitions.

View search data in Google Analytics

  • Log into Google Analytics.
  • In the left menu, select the Reports option.
  • Under Life Cycle, click Engagment › Events.
  • In the event table, click the view_seach_results event.

A full report on the search event will appear.

The events table with the view_search_results event listed.