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Why are the Cludo analytics different from Google Analytics?

When a visitor searches, it triggers CludoJS. CludoJS sends the analytics to Google Analytics and to Cludo. If the user has any adblockers activated on their browser, all requests to Google Analytics will likely be blocked, which can cause differences in the analytics, Additionally, if for any reason a request . . . Read more

How to send search data to Google Analytics

There are currently two ways of adding Cludo search data to Google Analytics. This article will describe how to directly send Cludo search data to Google Analytics without the use of Google Tag Manager. When needed, the Cludo search data can also be sent to Google Tag Manager and parse . . . Read more

How the Google Analytics integration works

The Google Analytics 4 integration from Cludo allows search data to seamlessly be sent to Google Analytics in real-time for further analysis and comparison to other website activity. The integration supports a series of different search data values like the search term, number of results found, and event filter values . . . Read more