Category: Feature Description

What is Voice Search?

Voice Search will allow your website visitors to search via speech-to-text. This feature adds a microphone icon to your search bar. When clicked, the user will be prompted to record what they wish to search for. When the prompt ends, the search will be initiated. Voice Search activity is tracked . . . Read more

What are Actionable Recommendations?

Actionable Recommendations provide tailored recommendations to improve the setup in MyCludo based on the current configuration, search data, and machine learning.  These recommendations go beyond traditional analytics by providing a dynamic and individualized approach to optimization. This tool serves as a catalyst for long-term growth and encourages regular engagement with . . . Read more

What are Disallowed Analytics?

The Disallowed Analytics feature allows you to prevent search activity from specific IP addresses from showing up in your MyCludo analytics. This is valuable when you’re looking to filter away internal search activity, for example, giving you a clearer picture of what external search activity actually looks like. To learn . . . Read more

What are Instant Suggestions?

The Instant Suggestions feature allows you to propose popular search terms to the visitor before they start typing. Alongside these terms, which are generated in MyCludo, you can also choose to display Recent searches, allowing the visitor to see their own recent searches if they have searched on your site . . . Read more

What is Intelligent 404?

Intelligent 404 is a feature offered by Cludo that helps website visitors find relevant content when they encounter a 404 page. Visitors often encounter 404 error pages while browsing, and we know that many 404 links also reside externally, making it hard to completely prevent. When a visitor hits a . . . Read more

What is Page Inventory?

If you’re ever wondering about the number of pages in your search results or find the need to check up on any indexed content, Page Inventory is here to help. Page Inventory will provide you with an overview of indexed content for all your crawlers to provide you with a . . . Read more

What is Web Content Highlighter?

Web Content Highlighter is a feature that highlights the search query on the specific landing page the visitor has selected from the search results. This makes it easier for the visitor to find exactly what they were searching for. This way, the feature helps to optimize both usability and accessibility. . . . Read more

What is smart crawling?

Smart crawling allows the crawler to run more frequently, leveraging the XML sitemap(s) of your site. It uses the lastmod timestamps in the sitemap to detect if a page was updated since the last crawl. This allows the crawler to only re-crawl recently modified pages, saving time and resources when . . . Read more

Setting up Cludo for intranets

You may wish to implement Cludo on an intranet solution that is otherwise closed to the public. For this, you will want to consider how the crawler should access the site as well as how secure the implementation needs to be. Ways to allow crawling behind login In order to . . . Read more

What are search categories?

The “Category” field is a standard field in the crawler, and can be set up to identify a specific type of content when crawling. This can be useful when implementing the template as it becomes very easy to implement a filter on said category. The example above is just one . . . Read more