Category: Feature Description

What is Page Inventory?

If you’re ever wondering about the number of pages in your search results or find the need to check up on any indexed content, Page Inventory is here to help. Page Inventory will provide you with an overview of indexed content for all your crawlers to provide you with a . . . Read more

What is Web Content Highlighter?

Web Content Highlighter is a feature that highlights the search query on the specific landing page the visitor has selected from the search results. This makes it easier for the visitor to find exactly what they were searching for. This way, the feature helps to optimize both usability and accessibility. . . . Read more

What is smart crawling?

Smart crawling allows the crawler to run more frequently, leveraging the XML sitemap(s) of your site. It uses the lastmod timestamps in the sitemap to detect if a page was updated since the last crawl. This allows the crawler to only re-crawl recently modified pages, saving time and resources when . . . Read more

Crawling content on intranets

In order to index a page, the crawler must have access to it. In certain cases, the content to crawl may be located behind a login and therefore is not reachable by the crawler by default. Ways to allow crawling behind login IP whitelist Whitelisting the crawler can be done . . . Read more

What are search categories?

The “Category” field is a standard field in the crawler, and can be set up to identify a specific type of content when crawling. This can be useful when implementing the template as it becomes very easy to implement a filter on said category. The example above is just one . . . Read more

What is the dashboard?

When logging into MyCludo, the dashboard is presented. The dashboard is designed to provide a quick, yet detailed overview of the status of each search engine. This dashboard is made up of a series of widgets, each showcasing different insights with options for further analytics. Clicking a widget title will . . . Read more

What is Search-as-you-type (SAYT)?

Search-as-you-type (SAYT) is a feature that allows search results to appear as direct links alongside search suggestions while the visitor is entering their search term. When enabled, the search will present search results for every few keystrokes. This allows for faster visitor searching in general, as the visitor can stop . . . Read more

What is the search term analysis?

When interacting with the dashboard and analytics in MyCludo, it is possible to see a full search term analysis for a specific search term. By simply clicking a specific search term from the list, a full analysis is shown for the given search term to provide further insight into the . . . Read more

What is Intelligent Autocomplete?

Intelligent Autocomplete is a feature for suggesting search terms as the visitor is typing. It uses machine learning to predict the most relevant suggestions for the specific engine. Based on previous visitor behavior and successful searches combined with result titles, Intelligent Autocomplete will predict the most likely search term for . . . Read more

What is device data?

Device data is a set of data that the browser shares with Cludo when a visitor performs a search. This information allows MyCludo to tell you which device has been used for searching, broken into three types of devices: Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop. The device data can be used in . . . Read more