What is Cludo Assistant?

The Cludo Assistant is another type of experience that combines traditional search and our intelligent Q&A Chat. The Assistant is an actionable search overlay that is easily implemented by inserting a script that could be site-wide or on selected pages only. It offers a bunch of customization options, allowing you to make this experience a well-integrated part of your website, both when it comes to design and user needs.

The Cludo Assistant in action, first showing the traditional search, then Q&A Chat.

Traditional search

The traditional search part of the Cludo Assistant is simply a different – and more flexible way – for people to search on your website. This more compact type of search experience has all the essentials that you know from Cludo search and will of course inherit any modifications done to the engine.

Q&A Chat

Q&A Chat uses ChatGPT’s deep learning model for accurate and personalized search results. Using natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, Q&A Chat interprets user intent and your content to generate relevant and engaging results. By enabling Cludo to only search within your engine, you gain complete control over what your users can discover, ensuring accuracy and avoiding off-brand or misleading answers. Cludo’s capability to curate the searchable content empowers visitors to exercise their preferences and choose how they want to explore information, granting them a sense of control over their search experience.

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For more insights into how the technology behind Q&A Chat works, visit our Q&A Chat FAQ.