Ways to customize the Cludo Assistant

This article covers possible configuration options for the Cludo Assistant.

Note that you will currently have to go through Cludo’s support team to have your Cludo Assistant configuration updated. As long as you already have Cludo Assistant implemented, updates will be done free of charge.

Possible configuration options

Below is a list of elements that can currently be altered.


Included features

  • Select whether to include traditional search, AI Chat, or both.

The module

  • The content of the top bar title
  • The icon showing with the top bar title
  • The background color of the top bar
  • The color of the content (icon/title) in the top bar

Open Assistant button

  • Style selection: pill, classic, rounded
  • Button elements: icon and/or text label
  • Button and content colors


  • Displayed or hidden
  • Placement: left or right side
  • Title
  • URLs to add (Up to five URLs that will serve as shortcuts)
  • Shortcut Name (For each URL, a name that will be displayed as the label for the shortcut)
  • Icon


Suggestions can be enabled to appear together with (or instead of) the shortcuts.

  • Types of suggestions: popular pages, trending pages
  • Placement: below or above shortcuts
  • Title
  • Number of suggestions
  • Color customization of suggestions
  • Color customization for page title and URL

AI Chat

Below is a list of the elements that can be customized within the AI Chat.


  • Language selection for the static text in the module
  • Language selection for the responses: Choose whether the model should answer in the same language as the question, as specific language, or simply the same language as the engine in use

Text input field

  • Style of the input field: pill, classic, rounded, minimalist
  • Placeholder text for the input field
  • Color customization for background, outline, text, icons
  • Enable/disable voice search


  • Avatar style: rounded, squared, circled
  • Assistant and user icons: choose between uploading a custom icon or using the icon library provided
  • Avatar background color


  • Greeting text
  • Default reply for no results
  • Default label for presenting the link reference (e.g. “Find out more”)
  • Length of replies: concise, default, or comprehensive
  • Coming soon! Tone of voice: professional, friendly, technical, default


  • Enable/disable the feedback option
  • Text to display (e.g. “Was this helpful?”)
  • Follow-up questions for negative feedback
  • Comment section for negative feedback: title and placeholder text
  • ‘’Thank you’’ message to display when feedback is given
  • Color customization for text, icons, and follow-up questions for negative feedback
The AI Chat
Follow-up questions for negative feedback

Below is a list of the elements that can be altered for the traditional search part of the Cludo Assistant.

  • Style type: pill, classic, rounded, minimalist
  • Color selection for background, outline, text, and icons
  • Default text placeholder
  • Enable/disable Voice Search
  • Language selection for Voice Search


Pre-Search Suggestions
  • Types of suggestions to display: recent searches and/or hand-picked suggestions
  • Placement of suggestions module: Below the search bar or as a part of the search bar
  • Title of the suggestions module
  • Number of search terms to display
  • Colors
  • Enable/disable autocomplete

Search Results

Information to display
  • Selection of displayed fields: page title, description, URL
  • Order of the displayed fields
  • Color customization for result title
Web Content Highlighter
  • Enable/disable content highlighter
  • Highlight color selection
  • Enable/disable categories
  • Color customization for default and active labels