Category: Best Practice

Best practices for new content recommendations 

Cludo’s Actionable Recommendations offer a unique and individualized approach to optimization, surpassing traditional analytics. The New Content recommendation uses machine learning to group together high-volume search terms with low click-through rates (CTR) by a specific subject. It highlights areas in the search that are not performing optimally due to an . . . Read more

Handling broken Page Rankings

This article contains the following sections: Why is my page ranking detected as broken? Assessing broken page rankings Why is my page ranking detected as broken? The listed pages in a page ranking are checked against the current index of the corresponding engine. Thus, if a ranked page does not . . . Read more

Best practice for avoiding duplicate results

When searching, you may experience the same content appearing more than once in the results. Since a crawler is unable to index the same URL twice, this will always be due to the same content existing on multiple URLs. That is, of course, unless you have two crawlers that index . . . Read more

Best practice for async crawling

If your website has content that is rendered asynchronously, you may want to look into async crawling. However, before deciding if there is a need for this, it is recommended to consider the following: As async crawling requires more resources, it is recommended to first assess if there are easy-to-implement . . . Read more