Q&A Chat FAQ

Below, you’ll find some frequently asked questions about our Q&A Chat that will help you understand the technology behind this feature.

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Can I change the instructions for the replies?

It is not possible to change the instructions given to answer questions. This prompt is part of the Q&A Feature that Cludo owns and is carefully curated to make this feature work as smoothly as possible. Although it’s not possible to change the prompt itself, it is possible to change the length of the response as well of the tone of voice (coming soon). More customization options like this could be added, so if you have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Can I manually create replies for specific questions?

No. This feature is fully AI-driven, and besides the customization options, boosting and synonyms, it is not possible to directly influence the replies.

How are the answers generated?

Answers are generated based on the following parameters:
ChatGPT: We leverage ChatGPT’s technology to process the question and deliver the answers
Customized prompting/natural language processing: Cludo adds additional logic on top of what is delivered from ChatGPT
Your search index: Answers will only ever be based on the information found within the index of the engine used for the Q&A Chat.

How can I customize the feature?

You’re able to customize most parts of the Q&A Chat, both when it comes to design and text content. Please see this article for a full list of configuration options.

How is the data processed, and is it shared with OpenAI?

To generate the reply with ChatGPT, data is shared with OpenAI. This consists of the question and the contents of the page(s) where the answer can be found. Cludo does not assist OpenAI in training its model.

Is there a way to influence what content is prioritized for the replies?

Yes! The Q&A Chat supports both Boosting and Synonyms. While Boosting will allow you to prioritize what content to prioritize higher or lower, synonyms can help cover different semantics – just like you know the features from your search.
Note: Some may want to prioritize (boost) content differently on the SERP vs. the Q&A Chat. This is possible if you use separate engines for each.

Where can I see analytics for interactions and feedback?

Q&A Analytics will soon be available within MyCludo.

Where can I see usage data?

Data for usage appears in your Account overview.