Tag: Synonyms

What are Synonyms?

Synonyms allow you to connect two or more search term that cover the same topic, making sure that no matter how your visitors phrase themselves, they will receive relevant results. By setting up synonyms, the group of search terms will be used interchangeably to show search results for all of . . . Read more

Best practice for synonyms

Synonyms is a very helpful feature to include more search results when performing a search. Your visitors will not always use the same terms as those used in your content. For this reason, you can benefit from defining synonyms to include results for other terms with the same meaning. What . . . Read more

How to create a synonym

Synonyms are useful for linking multiple different search terms together in order to ensure all relevant results are shown to the visitor. This article will describe how to set them up. You have now added a new synonym group. All of your search engines using this language will use these . . . Read more