Tag: Boosting

What are Boostings?

Despite built-in intelligence in Cludo’s algorithm, you may have a need to prioritize certain areas of your site based on various parameters. Boosting gives you control over exactly that. Boostings allow certain results to be ranked higher or lower when they match certain criteria based on static rules or the . . . Read more

How is relevance determined?

Cludo Search is not a black box – the search relevance is based on a unique blend of machine learning and human customization on top of an algorithm. Before customization or machine learning is applied, the Cludo search engine bases relevance using the Okapi BM25 algorithm. A rule of thumb for good search . . . Read more

Best practice for boostings

Boosting allows for a more custom configuration of how the Cludo search engine ranks the results in a search. Before setting up boostings. it is important to understand the impact of the feature as well as the visitors’ needs when interacting with your search. The need for de- or increasing . . . Read more