How to set up date crawling

You can configure your crawler to index dates, which can be utilized for various purposes such as date filtering or date freshness boosting.

To set this up:

  1. In the navigation, select Configuration  Crawlers.
  2. Choose the specific crawler intended for date crawling.
  3. Go to the Structure tab.
  4. Under Page Fields, click on Add custom field + and type the desired name in the Field name field.
  5. Click on Add source +.
  6. Select the type of source under Type.
  7. Fill out the Value field and select More options.
  8. In the Data type dropdown, select Date. The Field name will automatically be updated to include ‘_date’ at the end.
  9. Confirm by clicking the checkmark icon in the top right corner and then click Apply.

When selecting the Date data type, a Date format field will appear. It’s generally recommended to leave this field blank as the crawler typically identifies the correct format automatically. You can verify the correct date format by using the Test crawler feature. If you notice two different fields, one with the original name and the other with ‘_date’ attached, it indicates successful formatting.

For assistance with setting up date crawling, feel free to contact support.