What are Actionable Recommendations?

Actionable Recommendations provide tailored recommendations to improve the setup in MyCludo based on the current configuration, search data, and machine learning. 

These recommendations go beyond traditional analytics by providing a dynamic and individualized approach to optimization. This tool serves as a catalyst for long-term growth and encourages regular engagement with MyCludo, emphasizing the importance of ongoing optimization efforts.

Actionable Recommendations can be accessed in two different ways:

  • From the side navigation, select Actionable Recommendations
  • From the top navigation, click on the notifications icon.
The Actionable Recommendations dashboard showing various types of recommendations.

How can I use Actionable Recommendations?

Actionable Recommendations currently support 9 different types of recommendations:

  • Behavioural Synonyms – Suggestions for additional synonyms for search terms with low CTR, based on visitors’ past searches and existing content.
  • Banners: Broken Links – Recommendations for fixing banners that respond with 40X or 30X.
  • Page Rankings: Inactive Links – Recommendations for fixing one or more of the ranked pages are no longer present in the index.
  • New Content – Recommendations for creating new content based on high-search-volume terms with low CTR.
  • New Page Rankings – Suggestions for creating new page rankings with trigger key terms and relevant pages.
  • Banners: Key Terms – Suggestions for additional triggering terms to activate specific banners based on end-user activity.
  • Page Rankings: Key Terms – Suggestions for additional triggering terms to activate specific page rankings based on end-user activity.
  • Page Ranking: Removals – Recommendations for removing specific pages within page rankings that bring the overall search relevancy down.
  • Inactive Users – Suggestions for removing MyCludo users due to no activity for the last six months.

New recommendations are generated on a weekly basis and are automatically added to the Actionable Recommendations page.

Recommendations are ordered by impact, which is formed using data from the search count, click-through rate, and confidence score.

To learn more about how the Actionable Recommendations feature works and effectively interact with it, please see this article.

Navigation within the Actionable Recommendations page 

On the Actionable Recommendations Page, a category menu is located in the upper right corner. The menu enables filtering of recommendations by category, with the “All categories” selection being the default. 

The selected category is highlighted in purple, making it easy to identify which recommendations are currently being viewed.

Any newly detected recommendations will be emphasized with a red dot and a notification, ensuring that no important recommendation is missed and that the most up-to-date information is always at one’s fingertips. 

Email newsletter 

In addition to MyCludo interaction, it is possible to subscribe to the Actionable Recommendations email newsletter, which provides updates on all newly detected recommendations. To make use of this resource, please follow the steps outlined in this article.

The Actionable Recommendations Email Newsletter