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How to send search data to Siteimprove

The Siteimprove integration allows search analytics from Cludo to be added to the analytics tools in Siteimprove, including search terms (with or without results), ineffective searches, and most popular pages.

What is the Google Tag Manager integration?

The Cludo integration with Google Tag Manager allows for sending events and data from Cludo to various business and marketing platforms. Each time a search is made or a search result is clicked, Cludo passes an event into the Google Tag Manager data layer. These events contain information about the . . . Read more

How to send search data from Google Tag Manager to Amplitude

Cludo Google Tag Manager events are perfectly suited for analytics platforms with an event-driven architecture. One popular example of such a platform is Amplitude. Integrating search events into Amplitude can reveal powerful insights about the visitor’s journey. Before getting started In order to correctly send search data for Google Tag . . . Read more

How to send search data from Google Tag Manager to Google Ads

The visitors’ search behavior provides powerful insight into their interests and can be used to create ad campaigns that are relevant to those interests. This article will cover how to can use Cludo events through Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Ads to show users relevant ads based on . . . Read more

How to send search data to Google Analytics

There are currently two ways of adding Cludo search data to Google Analytics. This article will describe how to directly send Cludo search data to Google Analytics without the use of Google Tag Manager. When needed, the Cludo search data can also be sent to Google Tag Manager and parse . . . Read more

How to send search data to Google Tag Manager

Enable the integration in MyCludo Using events within Google Tag Manager To create a variable: Using events to create “triggers” Triggers can be set up so that certain Google Tag Manager tags will do a specific task when specific conditions are met. Cludo events can be used to define these . . . Read more

How the Google Analytics integration works

The Google Analytics 4 integration from Cludo allows search data to seamlessly be sent to Google Analytics in real-time for further analysis and comparison to other website activity. The integration supports a series of different search data values like the search term, number of results found, and event filter values . . . Read more