What is the WordPress Plugin?

The WordPress plugin alerts your crawlers whenever new pages are created or existing ones are modified. This process guarantees that any new content or modifications to existing content are recognized and reindexed immediately and this way ensures that your content is up-to-date and searchable. You can download and read more about how to set up the plugin in this article.

Plugin Options

The plugin contains five distinct tabs that either display information or can be modified.


This tab displays the list of crawlers configured to utilize the plugin for indexing fresh content. In the screenshot below, only the crawler “Crawler for site 2” is using the plugin.

Content Indexing

This tab allows you to choose the content type you want to index. You can choose between the default Post or Page but other types like Products are also supported.

API Setup

The API Setup connects your Cludo and WordPress accounts. Input your Customer ID and API key into the designated fields. You can locate this information in the Search API tab of your MyCludo dashboard. If you are a customer on the US cluster, you can choose to include “api-us1.cludo.com” as additional information inside the API hostname field.


Within the advanced tab, you have the option to toggle debugging. Enabling this toggle will save request errors and showcase them in the Debug Log tab.

Debug Log

The Debug Log tab displays a list of all the requests that have failed while the debugging toggle has been active.

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