Best practices for new content recommendations 

Cludo’s Actionable Recommendations offer a unique and individualized approach to optimization, surpassing traditional analytics.

The New Content recommendation uses machine learning to group together high-volume search terms with low click-through rates (CTR) by a specific subject. It highlights areas in the search that are not performing optimally due to an increased rate of failure to find the desired content.

The New Content recommendation module

It is recommended to take action on the recommendation in order to ensure an improved search setup and website. The New Content recommendations are specifically meant to help with the following:

Improve the content 

Understand the language and phrasing utilized by visitors through the individual search terms provided in the recommendations, and consider enhancing the copy of the content to better align with their thought process.

Cover the content gaps 

Searches with very low click-through rates indicate that visitors are searching for specific content on the site, but that content does not currently exist. It is recommended to create new content on the website based on the located search terms, in order to improve the search engine ranking.

Improve the search by adding synonyms 

In the event that the desired content already exists on the site, consider incorporating synonyms for the ineffective search terms highlighted in the recommendation to better surface the existing content