How to set up users in MyCludo

  1. In the top bar, click the icon at the top right
  2. Select Manage users from the list
  3. Click the New button above the table
  4. Optional: Type the first name of the user in the First name field
  5. Optional: Type the last name of the user in the Last name field
  6. Type the email address of the user in the Email field
  7. Optional: Type the phone number of the user in the Phone number field
  8. Optional: Set the language of the MyCludo interface in the Language for application interface drop down
  9. Optional: Check the Administrator checkbox to give the user administrator rights
  10. Optional: Toggle which engines the user should have access to (only applicable for subscriptions with engine permissions enabled)
  11. When a user is signed up, they will receive an email with instructions for setting up their own password