Tag: User management

How to change language in MyCludo

The MyCludo interface supports both English and Danish. This guide will explain how to change the interface language for a user. Please note this language change does not affect any engines, visitors or even other users in MyCludo. If the changed user is the currently logged in user, the entire . . . Read more

Does Cludo support multi-factor authentication?

Cludo does not currently support MFA (multi-factor authentication) or 2FA (two-factor authentication) for the MyCludo interface. However, it is currently planned to release an email-based 2FA system in October 2023. Aside from this release, further channels are being investigated, which could allow for an even more secure multi-factor authentication setup. . . . Read more

How do users work in MyCludo?

Users in MyCludo are able to work with tools and configurations. It is possible to restrict user access to certain areas or engines. Only users who are marked as administrators are able to remove and modify other users. Furthermore, only admin users have access to the following features: Depending on . . . Read more

How to set up engine permissions

With Engine Permissions, you can restrict access for certain users to specific engines only. Engine Permissions can only be set for non-administrator users.