How to filter analytics

With analytics filters, you are able to filter your analytics data based on one or more parameters to get a deeper insight into certain user groups.

  1. Go to your MyCludo Dashboard.
  2. To the top right, click the Filters button.
  3. Add a new filter by clicking Add filter.
  4. Select a parameter to filter by:
    • Geolocation
      Allows you to filter analytics by your visitors’ geographical location.
    • Device type
      Allows you to filter analytics by the device that was used when searching.
    • Input type
      If you have Voice Search implemented, you can use this to filter your analytics by input type to only see searches that were done via voice or text search.
    • IP address
      If you are using Disallowed Analytics to hide activity from certain IP addresses from your analytics, those will be excluded by default when you enter MyCludo. You can use this filter to include or only see the activity from those IP addresses.
  5. Once you have set your desired filter, click Apply filter.
  6. You can now add more filters if needed.
  7. When you are done adding your filters, click Save filters.
  8. Your filter is now applied!

Note that the filter will display on the top of the page and will be active throughout all analytics sections until cleared.