What is the dashboard?

When logging into MyCludo, the dashboard is presented. The dashboard is designed to provide a quick, yet detailed overview of the status of each search engine. This dashboard is made up of a series of widgets, each showcasing different insights with options for further analytics. Clicking a widget title will send you to the full analytics in order to see more data.

The dashboard can be customized by clicking the Customize link next to the title in the top.


The Overview widget contains high-level search data for the engine and makes it possible to see the development of the number of unique and total searches over time. Unique searches represent the number of distinct or individual searches performed by users. Each unique search query is counted only once, regardless of how many times it is repeated by the user. Total searches refer to the total number of search queries performed, including both unique and repeated queries.


The Audiences widget lists the biggest audiences by size and gives quick access to modifying each top audience, like changing the traits or adding more page rankings and banners.

Searches without results

The Searches without results widget showcases search terms that returned 0 results. This widget can be useful for identifying search terms that should be addressed with changes to the search engine or simply by adding more content to the website.

Ineffective searches

The Ineffective searches widget showcases visitor search terms with a low click-through rate (CTR). A low click-through rate would usually indicate either an ineffective ranking of results for the search term or simply missing content that you should consider adding.

Most visited dead links

When utilizing the Intelligent 404 feature, the Most visited dead links widget will show which 404’ing URLs were attempted accessed by the visitors. This can provide insights into potential improvements to make to the website structure or fix outside links to non-existing pages.

Trending searches

The Trending searches widget will show the search terms that have seen the highest increase within the selected time period, compared to the previous time period. This can be useful for identifying common search terms at the moment, helping you understand what’s trending among your visitors.

Most popular searches

The Most popular searches widget will showcase the most commonly searched terms within the selected time period of the dashboard.

Search destination pages

The Search destination pages widget lists the most frequently visited pages through the search results, no matter the search term. This helps identify popular pages among your visitors, but can also be an indicator of pages that you should make it easier to find (keep in mind, your visitors did a search to find it). The top pages could also be good candidates for Quicklinks or Instant Suggestions.

Device data

The Device data widget shows the split of all unique searches by the device types mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Geo data

The Geo data widget shows a world map with each country colored to indicate the number/concentration of unique searches in the country. The more saturated color equals a higher number of searches.

Top voice searches

The Top voice searches widget indicates the most commonly used search terms using the Voice Search feature.

Search origin pages

The Search origin pages widget shows the URLs of the pages that are most frequently searched.

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