What are search templates?

Cludo offers two global templates that can easily be implemented onto the website. Currently, two global templates are supported:

  • Inline: Displays the results on a dedicated search result page that the user is directed to upon searching.
  • Overlay: Displays the results in an overlay that will appear on any page upon searching.

Typically, a search template is split into two components:

  1. An element for initiating a search, such as a search input or a link to the search.
  2. An element for displaying the results. Also commonly referred to as a SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This result page may also utilize different facets of filters and show categories for further filtering of the search results.

Because search templates should be matching the rest of the website, depending on the requirements of both the features and visual appearance, it is possible to utilize the global templates offered by Cludo. Alternatively, custom templates can be developed based on the specific needs of the website.

It is also possible to implement Cludo via API.