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What are Boostings?

Despite built-in intelligence in Cludo’s algorithm, you may have a need to prioritize certain areas of your site based on various parameters. Boosting gives you control over exactly that. Boostings allow certain results to be ranked higher or lower when they match certain criteria based on static rules or the . . . Read more

What are Misspellings?

Misspellings allow you to correct specified search terms that are commonly misspelled by visitors and not automatically detected by the search engine. By defining the correct spelling of an incorrectly spelled search term, the engine will replace the misspelled query with the correct one to display results from this. Misspellings . . . Read more

What is an Audience?

The Audiences feature is designed to offer a more personalized search experience for the visitor by adjusting the displayed results based on the known data on the visitor. The visitor data is registered using Google Tag Manager, which in return are turned into “traits”. These traits are used to define . . . Read more

Best practice for banners

Banners allow for custom content to be shown when specific search terms are used. Before setting up a banner, it is recommended to consider the use case for it and which search terms it should be triggered by. What to consider before setting up a banner Banners are a great . . . Read more

How to enable email reports

In this guide, we will explore how to enable three essential types of email reports: Analytics reports, Broken Tools reports, and Actionable Recommendations reports. These reports offer valuable insights and notifications to help you manage and optimize your search. How to enable analytics reports How to enable broken tools reports . . . Read more

How to create a Misspelling

With misspellings, you can manually add terms to be corrected automatically in the search. A term that you added a misspelling for will always be corrected to the spelling you’ve defined. You have now added a Misspelling. All of your search engines using this language will correct the defined misspelling . . . Read more

Best practice for misspellings

The Misspellings feature allows you to add custom corrections of misspellings. However, it is not the only way the search engine will attempt to correct an incorrectly spelled search term. Before you set up a bunch of misspellings for common search terms, it can be good to understand what is . . . Read more

Best practice for page rankings

Page rankings allow manual pinning of the most important results for specified search terms. Before configuring page rankings, there are certain things to consider. Since the page rankings are manually maintained, they will not change until a MyCludo user manually changes the configuration. If the need for the page ranking . . . Read more