What cookies does MyCludo use?

In compliance with our commitment to transparency and privacy, Cludo aims to provide comprehensive information regarding the cookies and local storage utilized on the MyCludo platform. 

No third-party cookies are stored in MyCludo. However, local storage serves as a successor to cookies, ensuring that they are treated equally under EU cookie laws and GDPR regulations. 

This article aims to provide users with detailed insights into cookies and local storage, emphasizing our dedication to enhancing user experience while safeguarding data privacy and security.

Local Storage information:

Local Storage KeyDescription Purpose
currentEngineIdStores a unique ID for an engine.Functional
currentUserInfoStores basic information, including email, first and last name, language, and phone number, about the logged-in user.Functional
lastRequestTimeStores a value related to the timing of users’ last activity in MyCludo.Functional
clientSecretUsed to refresh the token necessary to keep the user logged in to MyCludo. It ensures a secure and uninterrupted session while using MyCludo.Functional
customerSuccessSystem.accountSettingsStores configuration data related to a customer success system.Functional
clientIdStores a unique ID for a client.Functional
apiLocationStores the location of the API, which can be either EU or US. It ensures that data is routed to the appropriate server.Functional
tokenUsed by MyCludo to keep users securely logged in.Functional