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What cookies does MyCludo use?

In compliance with our commitment to transparency and privacy, Cludo aims to provide comprehensive information regarding the cookies and local storage utilized on the MyCludo platform.  No third-party cookies are stored in MyCludo. However, local storage serves as a successor to cookies, ensuring that they are treated equally under EU . . . Read more

How to connect Cludo to your cookie consent functionality

It is possible to add development to have the cookies set by Cludo connect with your general cookie consent formula. For general information on cookies set by Cludo, read this article. Technical Overview At the moment Cludo stores session information in local storage that persists across end-user visits, we will . . . Read more

What cookies and similar technologies does Cludo use?

Cludo uses cookies to gather information about user behavior. This data helps improve user experience and is used for the statistics you see in MyCludo. Cludo uses local storage, which, in short, is a successor to cookies so they are effectively treated the same under EU cookie laws and GDPR. . . . Read more