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How to set up a crawler

A crawler searches a URL for pages and adds them to a search index to be used by an engine. Setting up a Crawler Boundaries Structure

How to review the crawler log

The crawler log offers insights into the activity of the crawler. It allows for further investigation into which pages were indexed and which were not and why.

How to run a test search

The Test search feature in MyCludo allows you to test the search and review result rankings on an engine without using the engine in an implementation. This makes it useful for testing recently applied changes, such as crawler updates or tools that were added for certain terms. With the test . . . Read more

How to exclude pages

It is possible to exclude pages in different ways, each with their own set of pros and cons. It is recommended to read and understand all the ways of excluding pages before setting up the exclusion logic to ensure the best setup for your needs. How to exclude pages via . . . Read more

How to set up a Misspelling

With misspellings, you can manually add terms to be corrected automatically in the search. A term that you added a misspelling for will always be corrected to the spelling you’ve defined. You have now added a Misspelling. All of your search engines using this language will correct the defined misspelling . . . Read more

How to style the Intelligent 404 module

Once Intelligent 404 is implemented on a website, it is possible to use the following CSS selectors to style how elements should appear on the website. Results title Results list Results list items Results list items title Results list items links Loader animation

How to set up engine permissions

With Engine Permissions, you can restrict access for certain users to specific engines only. Engine Permissions can only be set for non-administrator users.

How to create a synonym group

Synonyms are useful for linking multiple different search terms together in order to ensure all relevant results are shown to the visitor. This article will describe how to set them up. You have now added a new synonym group. All of your search engines using this language will use these . . . Read more