How to set up an engine

An engine is required for any search implementation and connects with one or more crawlers.

  1. In the navigation, select ContentEngines
  2. Click the New button at the top of the table
  3. Give the engine a name in the Name field
  4. Select a crawler from the Add a crawler drop-down to use for the engine
  5. Click the + Icon to add the crawler
  6. Optional: repeat the previous two steps to add more than one crawler to the engine
  7. Optional: toggle highlight search text in the web pages to enable the Web Content Highlighter feature
  8. Optional: Under Pre-filter search results, add a filter to limit which results are shown when using the engine
    • Click the Add New Filter button
    • Select a field from the drop-down
    • Type a value in the input field. This value must be exactly what has been indexed for the chosen field and is case-sensitive
    • Click the + icon
    • Optional: Repeat the previous four steps to add more than one filter
    • Your engine will now only display results that match the added filter(s)
  9. Click the Save Engine button
The engine settings for an engine with one crawler assigned.