What is Page Inventory?

If you’re ever wondering about the number of pages in your search results or find the need to check up on any indexed content, Page Inventory is here to help. Page Inventory will provide you with an overview of indexed content for all your crawlers to provide you with a better overview and give you more control over your search index.

Page Inventory can be accessed from MyCludo Content and provides you with two different views: Pages and Crawler summary. While the Pages will provide you with a detailed overview of indexed content, the Crawler summary gives you a breakdown of crawlers and numbers.


The main Pages view provides an overview of your indexed content (pages and documents) across all crawlers. Here, you’re able to filter content by engine, crawler, domain, and/or page type. You also have the option to remove pages from your search index from this view.

  • Filtering: Use the dropdowns at the top to apply filters to the page view, allowing a more specific overview of your search index.
  • Search: Search for specific URLs using the search bar.
  • Remove pages: If there are any pages in your index that you no longer want to have in your search, check them off and click the trash icon. This will also prevent the pages from being crawled in the future.

Page analysis

From the page view, you’re able to open a specific page analysis by clicking on the URL of the page you want to see more details about.

The page analysis shows you the indexed values of a page, allowing you to learn more about how this page will act as a search result. Furthermore, you’re able to see information about what crawler the page belongs to and when it was last indexed.

The page analysis for a page from Cludo’s Knowledge Base

Show live values: The page analysis allows you to compare the indexed content to what is currently live on your search. This works by running a test crawl. If the content of the indexed page is different from what’s on the live page, you can update the page by clicking the update icon. You’re also able to remove the page completely from the index by clicking the trash icon, excluding it from all future crawls.

Crawler summary

The Crawler summary is a separate, high-level overview of all crawlers. Here, you can review the total number of pages indexed, how many of those pages are web pages or files, and when the last crawl ran. Clicking the crawler name will take you back to the Pages view, applying a filter for the crawler in question.

You can view more details about crawler activity by going to Content ➜ Crawler activity in MyCludo.