What is Intelligent Autocomplete?

Intelligent Autocomplete is a feature for suggesting search terms as the visitor is typing. It uses machine learning to predict the most relevant suggestions for the specific engine.

Based on previous visitor behavior and successful searches combined with result titles, Intelligent Autocomplete will predict the most likely search term for the visitor and will adjust the suggestions as they continue to enter characters into the search input.


As a user types in “pho”, the intelligent autocomplete could suggest the following list of search terms:

Phone prices
Best phones to buy
Photography courses

The suggestions are prioritized as follows:

  1. Query clicks – The more clicks, the more likely a suggestion is to appear
  2. Query age – Recent queries are prioritized over older queries. Especially queries from the last 30 days are considered more relevant
  3. Titles – Titles are always prioritized lower, to ensure previous queries are shown over titles

Intelligent Autocomplete also leverages fuzziness, allowing relevant suggestions to still show up despite typos. The default fuzziness is 1, meaning one character is allowed to be off for the suggestion to still appear. The fuzziness value can be changed by request. You can contact support to change the value.

The suggestions are reset nightly.

Can I disable autocomplete?

It is possible to disable autocomplete by adding disableAutocomplete: true to the cludoSettings object of your script. Don’t hesitate to contact support if you need assistance with this.