How does automatic spelling correction work?

Sometimes, your visitors may search for a term that does not exist in any of the indexed content. In such a case, the search engine will look for similar terms that do exist within the index. If it successfully finds a similar term, the search will automatically replace the original term with one that provides results. The default search results count message will notify the visitor about the correction.

This is especially useful for typos or whenever a visitor fails to spell something correctly.

Note that automatic spelling correction will not happen for search terms that strictly consist of numbers.

Can I prevent automatic spelling corrections?

It is not recommended to attempt to block this functionality, as it will help a lot of visitors find the right content even when misspelling words. However, if needed, you can reach out to Cludo’s support to deactivate the logic.

If you’re only looking to prevent an automatic spelling correction for a specific term, you can set up a misspelling for the word you do not want to be corrected to any word or random string that neither exists in your index.