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What is Banner activity?

Banner activity displays a list of every banner that has been searched for within a selected period of time. The following actions are included in the Banner activity: Table of Banner activity of the last 30 days. The numerical value of Unique searches represents the frequency of searches for a specific banner. . . . Read more

What are Instant Suggestions?

The Instant Suggestions feature allows you to propose popular search terms to the visitor before they start typing. Alongside these terms, which are generated in MyCludo, you can also choose to display Recent searches, allowing the visitor to see their own recent searches if they have searched on your site . . . Read more

Best practice for handling broken page rankings

Cludo supports detection of broken page rankings. This article covers how to handle these. Why is my page ranking detected as broken? The listed pages in a page ranking are checked against the current index of the corresponding engine. Thus, if a ranked page does not exist in the corresponding . . . Read more

How to set up a Quicklink

Quicklinks allow you to redirect the visitor to a specified URL when entering specified search terms, skipping the step of going to the search results page.

How to set up a banner

Banners allow for custom content to be displayed above the search results when searching for a specific term, catching the eye of the visitor to expose them to relevant information of your choice.

What is broken tool detection?

Cludo will automatically keep track of various features and their associated links over time. If a link suddenly stops working, it is possible to see this information in MyCludo. Alternatively, a user can choose to be notified by email with a report of broken tools. Broken link detection works for . . . Read more

What are Banners?

Banners allow you to display custom content upon searching for specific terms. This is great for promoting certain information to the users to make sure they see it. Typical scenarios for setting up banners are current information, upcoming events, promotions, or general information such as opening hours. Banners also serve . . . Read more

What is Dynamic Re-ranking?

Dynamic Re-ranking is a feature that uses two layers of data to improve the ranking of results based on the search term. Both layers use previous search activity and click logs to determine which results were most useful. They apply the same logic to adjust the ranking of results so . . . Read more

What are Page Rankings?

A page ranking allows you to pin results at the top of the list for specified search terms. Using specific search terms and/or an audience, it is possible to manually select particular results to be shown above the organic list of results. Page Rankings are engine specific.