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What is Intelligent 404?

Intelligent 404 is a feature offered by Cludo that helps website visitors find relevant content when they encounter a 404 page. Visitors often encounter 404 error pages while browsing, and we know that many 404 links also reside externally, making it hard to completely prevent. When a visitor hits a . . . Read more

How to set up Intelligent 404

Intelligent 404 will provide the user with a list of recommended pages when landing on a 404 page. The suggestions are based on the invalid URL, leveraging the search engine to find similar content.

Why are there no referral URLs in the Intelligent 404 analytics?

The way Intelligent 404 referral URLs are registered is different from referred page URLs for searches (search origin pages). For searches, the referral information is added to the URL. When the visitor lands on the search results page, Cludo will grab the referralURL from the query parameters passed to the . . . Read more

How to style the Intelligent 404 module

Once Intelligent 404 is implemented on a website, it is possible to use the following CSS selectors to style how elements should appear on the website. Results title Results list Results list items Results list items title Results list items links Loader animation