Tag: Broken links

Best practice for handling broken page rankings

Cludo supports detection of broken page rankings. This article covers how to handle these. Why is my page ranking detected as broken? The listed pages in a page ranking are checked against the current index of the corresponding engine. Thus, if a ranked page does not exist in the corresponding . . . Read more

What is broken tool detection?

Cludo will automatically keep track of various features and their associated links over time. If a link suddenly stops working, it is possible to see this information in MyCludo. Alternatively, a user can choose to be notified by email with a report of broken tools. Broken link detection works for . . . Read more

How to enable email reports

In this guide, we will explore how to enable three essential types of email reports: Analytics reports, Broken Tools reports, and Actionable Recommendations reports. These reports offer valuable insights and notifications to help you manage and optimize your search. How to enable analytics reports How to enable broken tools reports . . . Read more