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What are analytics filters?

With analytics filters, you are able to filter your analytics data based on one or more of the following parameters: This will provide you with a better in-depth insight into certain user groups. To learn how to use analytics filters, visit How to filter analytics.

How to filter analytics

With analytics filters, you are able to filter your analytics data based on one or more parameters to get a deeper insight into certain user groups. Note that the filter will display on the top of the page and will be active throughout all analytics sections until cleared.

What are anonymized IP addresses?

The Anonymize IP addresses feature in MyCludo prevents the storage of IP addresses. This setting is useful when you do not require IP address-based search filtering. Enabling this feature disables IP filtering and Disallowed Analytics, but does not impact the collection of device data and geo-location data. To learn how . . . Read more

What are Disallowed Analytics?

The Disallowed Analytics feature allows you to prevent search activity from specific IP addresses from showing up in your MyCludo analytics. This is valuable when you’re looking to filter away internal search activity, for example, giving you a clearer picture of what external search activity actually looks like. To learn . . . Read more

How to use Disallowed Analytics

If you are looking to exclude search activity from certain IP addresses in your analytics, this can be achieved using the Disallowed Analytics feature. You have now excluded the IP address(es) from your analytics retrospectively, and their interactions with the search won’t affect the analytics data.

How to implement Cludo’s API analytics script

Cludo has developed a script specifically for API implementations. With this, you won’t have to manually set up tracking for your API implementation. Introduction The Cludo API Analytics script is a JavaScript snippet to be placed on your search results page that will send query and click data to Cludo’s . . . Read more

What is the dashboard?

When logging into MyCludo, the dashboard is presented. The dashboard is designed to provide a quick, yet detailed overview of the status of each search engine. This dashboard is made up of a series of widgets, each showcasing different insights with options for further analytics. Clicking a widget title will . . . Read more

What is the search term analysis?

When interacting with the dashboard and analytics in MyCludo, it is possible to see a full search term analysis for a specific search term. By simply clicking a specific search term from the list, a full analysis is shown for the given search term to provide further insight into the . . . Read more