Geo data

Geo data, or geographical data, is information regarding a visitor’s physical location when making a search. For each search, the browser will send some geographical data along with the search request. This data can be used to drill down on search activity for visitors by focusing on specific countries or regions of a country.

The geo data is not to be confused with a GPS location. Geo data is never meant to identify a specific visitor, but rather give a general sense of the geographical position of the visitor. because of this, the geo data is never more precise than an entire city or region.

Geo data is a combination of 3 different pieces of information:

Field nameDescriptionExample value
CountryThe country where the visitor was located when searching.United States
RegionThe region where the visitor was located when searching.
What qualifies as a region may change for each country.
For example, in the US, regions are equal to states.
CityThe city where the visitor was located when searching.Minneapolis

The geo data can be used in the geo data analysis in MyCludo to investigate search activity based on a specific country, region, or city.

The geo data analysis showing data for the United Kingdom.