What is structured data?

Structured data consists of JSONPath expressions. These expressions are used to pinpoint specific data within a JSON document. In MyCludo, JSONPath can be used in the crawler configuration, enabling the definition of a precise section of the JSON data retrieved from a web page. JSONPath uses its own syntax to navigate through JSON objects and arrays. This helps extract particular values like text, numbers, or even nested objects. The extracted data can be used as a field value for the search engine, enabling you to filter based on the structured data.

Consider this JSON structure derived from the HTML markup:

  "product": {
    "image": [
      { "src": "/images/product-front.png" },
      { "src": "/images/product-back.png" }
    "info": {
      "name": "Product Name",
      "description": [
        "Description line 1.",
        "Description line 2.",
        "Description line 3."
      "price": "99.99"


Using the JSON above, the following JSONPaths would return values:

$.product.image[0].src would return the path of the first image from the ‘product’ class: /images/product-front.png.

$.product.info.description[1] will return a product description line: Description line 2..

$.product.info.price will return the price of the product: 99.99.