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Cludo Experience Builder

Cludo’s Experience Builder is a user-friendly tool that enables you to tailor your website’s search and interaction capabilities. The feature simplifies the process of modifying and implementing new search features without needing extensive technical capabilities or support. Designed for full control, the Experience Builder includes real-time previews for immediate feedback . . . Read more

How to set up date crawling

You can configure your crawler to index dates, which can be utilized for various purposes such as date filtering or date freshness boosting. To set this up: When selecting the Date data type, a Date format field will appear. It’s generally recommended to leave this field blank as the crawler . . . Read more

What is the WordPress Plugin?

The WordPress plugin alerts your crawlers whenever new pages are created or existing ones are modified. This process guarantees that any new content or modifications to existing content are recognized and reindexed immediately and this way ensures that your content is up-to-date and searchable. You can download and read more . . . Read more

How to install the WordPress plugin

The WordPress plugin automatically notifies your crawlers whenever new pages are added or existing pages are updated, ensuring that new or updated pages are reindexed accordingly. You can read more about how the plugin works in this article.

How to enable Private Data Masking

The Private Data Masking feature in MyCludo conceals sensitive information, like SSNs or credit card numbers, entered into search inputs, ensuring data security and user privacy by rendering it unreadable to MyCludo users. The Private Data Masking feature cannot currently be set up using MyCludo and requires interference from a . . . Read more

Ways to index content

Indexing content is an important part of having an efficient search functionality. There are three distinct ways to index content that can be utilized. Crawling Crawling is the most common method of indexing content and is automatically performed when setting up and activating a crawler. Crawling is the activity of . . . Read more

What is Private Data Masking?

Some users might accidentally input sensitive information, such as SSNs or credit card numbers, into search inputs. This presents a data security issue, allowing MyCludo users access to that information. Private Data Masking is a protective feature designed to conceal sensitive information entered into search inputs. MyCludo ensures that even . . . Read more

What is structured data?

Structured data consists of JSONPath expressions. These expressions are used to pinpoint specific data within a JSON document. In MyCludo, JSONPath can be used in the crawler configuration, enabling the definition of a precise section of the JSON data retrieved from a web page. JSONPath uses its own syntax to . . . Read more

Unique Searches vs Total Searches

MyCludo analytics distinguishes between unique and total searches, which can be viewed in the analytics dashboard. Total Searches: Total searches represent every search query made, regardless of how many times it occurs. Each time a user initiates a search, whether it’s the same search performed multiple times, it contributes to . . . Read more

What is the Account Overview?

The account overview provides a summary of usage analytics, consisting of four widgets, each highlighting various statistics. Note: Depending on your subscription level, charts, filters, and AI Chat responses might not be accessible. Engine count The Engine count widget displays the usage of engines compared to the available quantity within . . . Read more