Tag: Voice Search

What is Voice Search?

Voice Search will allow your website visitors to search via speech-to-text. This feature adds a microphone icon to your search bar. When clicked, the user will be prompted to record what they wish to search for. When the prompt ends, the search will be initiated. Voice Search activity is tracked . . . Read more

How to style voice search

Once Voice Search is implemented on a website, it is possible to use the following CSS selectors and cludoSettings to style how elements should appear on the website. Disable voice search animation Voice icon button Voice icon Voice icon SVG path Active voice search icon

How to implement Voice Search

Voice Search allows your visitors to enter a search term by voice. To enable the Voice Search feature, add the following value to the cludoSettings object of your search script: For context, here’s an example of what the full code snippet could look like: Note: The Voice Search feature is . . . Read more