Tag: Page Rankings

Best practice for handling broken page rankings

Cludo supports detection of broken page rankings. This article covers how to handle these. Why is my page ranking detected as broken? The listed pages in a page ranking are checked against the current index of the corresponding engine. Thus, if a ranked page does not exist in the corresponding . . . Read more

What are Page Rankings?

A page ranking allows you to pin results at the top of the list for specified search terms. Using specific search terms and/or an audience, it is possible to manually select particular results to be shown above the organic list of results. Page Rankings are engine specific.

How is relevance determined?

Cludo Search is not a black box – the search relevance is based on a unique blend of machine learning and human customization on top of an algorithm. Before customization or machine learning is applied, the Cludo search engine bases relevance using the Okapi BM25 algorithm. A rule of thumb for good search . . . Read more

Best practice for page rankings

Page rankings allow manual pinning of the most important results for specified search terms. Before configuring page rankings, there are certain things to consider. Since the page rankings are manually maintained, they will not change until a MyCludo user manually changes the configuration. If the need for the page ranking . . . Read more