Tag: Audiences

Using Audiences without GTM

If you can’t use Google Tag Manager, you can still make use of Audiences by manually storing descriptive “traits” in your users’ browser local storage. When a user searches on your website, the Cludo script will check for these stored traits and apply any associated Audiences to give the user . . . Read more

What is an Audience?

The Audiences feature is designed to offer a more personalized search experience for the visitor by adjusting the displayed results based on the known data on the visitor. The visitor data is registered using Google Tag Manager, which in return are turned into “traits”. These traits are used to define . . . Read more

How to set up an audience

The Audiences feature allows certain features to react to the visitor tags, defined in Google Tag Manager. Because this feature requires a connection between Cludo and Google Tag Manager, it requires a bit more technical setup than some other features. Once the initial setup is complete, adding different audiences in . . . Read more