Search origin pages analysis

When inspecting a search origin page, a table of the search terms queried by your visitors from that particular page is displayed. Searches with results include the following actions:

Select period – The time frame can be customized by clicking on the button located in the top left corner of the displayed table. This field can be changed to several fixed available values or customized to your needs.

Table of search terms on a Search origin page analysis from the last 7 days.

In the table, the Search term column displays unique search terms made from that particular page, while the Search count column indicates the number of times that particular search query was performed. The Total number of search terms at the bottom left indicates the total number of unique search terms from the page.

You can export the data of these Search origin pages into a CSV document by clicking on the file icon located beside the search bar. This will download a CSV file with the data displayed in the table. Consider the selected time period and whether you want to narrow down the search terms to searches containing a specific search term.

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