How to set up Search-as-you-type (SAYT)

Search-as-you-type, also often referred to as SAYT, allows search results to appear as direct links as the visitor is typing.

  1. In the navigation, select Install Instant suggestions
  2. Select the desired engine from the engine drop-down
  3. Optional: Select a color in the Accent Color field
  4. Optional: Add one or more search terms to the Popular Searches field
  5. Optional: Select Disabled or Category from the Facet field
  6. Optional: Define a font size in pixels in the Base Font Size field
  7. Optional: Add a URL to an image in the Default Image Path field
  8. Add a URL to a search result page in the Search results URL field
  9. Select a language from the Language drop-down
  10. Click the Save button
Search as you type settings for an engine.

Enabling Search-as-you-type on the website

The following only has to be done once per template in order to enable the SAYT feature.

  1. Click the Implement tab within the SAYT settings
  2. Copy the script from the Paste the following script just before the closing body tag field
  3. Insert the script into the template on the website