What are Banners?

Banners allow you to display custom content upon searching for specific terms. This is great for promoting certain information to the users to make sure they see it. Typical scenarios for setting up banners are current information, upcoming events, promotions, or general information such as opening hours. Banners also serve as a great tool when you want to suggest an external link to the user, which is otherwise not present among the search results.

A banner can be configured to display based on one or more specific search terms, and it is also possible to configure a schedule for the banner (start and/or end date).

Banners are engine-specific and can have one or more search terms assigned to them.


When searching for “Pixel”, show a banner promoting a special discount on all Google Pixel phones. As the promotion ends at the end of the month, an end date is defined to prevent the banner from showing after the discount has expired.

It is possible to insert images, play animated GIFs, and embed videos from streaming services, like Youtube or Vimeo. All resources must be hosted externally and publicly, as it is not possible to upload a file.

If a search term triggers more than one banner, the engine will list the banners by their creation date, with the oldest banner appearing first.