Best practice for intents

By grouping individual search terms into broader topics, the Intents feature is a great way to learn from your search activity and allows you to take steps toward a better site and search setup.

When looking at the Intents analytics, consider why visitors are using the search engine to find content, and how successful they are at finding results. Improving this experience can be done in many different ways, but a few of them are:

Change the navigation

If it is common for visitors to search for main landing pages which are not easily accessible through the main navigation of the site. Consider adding them.

Improve the content

Learn how visitors phrase themselves from the individual search terms in an Intent and consider improving the copy of your content to better match the visitors’ thinking.

Cover content gaps

Locate ineffective intents and search terms, and use them to identify new pages of content to add.

Improve the search

Use features like misspellings, synonyms, and banners to improve the quality of the search.


When investigating one intent for “waste”, it appears “garden waste” has a high click-through rate, but “garbage” has a low click-through rate. Making a synonym between “waste” and “garbage” could prove beneficial to some visitors.